Attack of the Mile High Squirrel

| April 30, 2019


Something big is coming to the Mile High City…

Not since the Gold Rush has Denver, Colorado seen a population boom like this. People are arriving in droves to take advantage of the majestic Rocky Mountain setting, an untapped housing market, and of course recent drug liberalization. What no one realizes is that the rising population isn’t the only kind of unchecked growth going on…

To serve the newcomers, lifelong resident Gary Steadman is opening a health food store in a quiet Denver suburb-with the help of a loving family, that is. His wife Beth keeps the family afloat in lean times, and their daughter Maddie keeps everyone on their toes—and looks after the family dog.

They are living their best lives until an epic spring hailstorm unleashes a beast: a giant radioactive tree squirrel, the byproduct of a shady corporate cover-up in Colorado’s nuclear past. The events that follow would change their lives and the whole city forever…

It’s Attack of the Mile High Squirrel.


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