No Room for Numbers

| May 1, 2019


If all things change, why can’t the Alphabet Song? 

From the imaginations of children’s book authors Kaine & Duds comes a fun story about the 123s and their quest to sit alongside the ABCs in their iconic jingle.

With outspoken #1 at the helm, the digits have plenty of ideas for how they can become a part of the beloved Alphabet Song. They suggest everything from squeezing in between M and N to replacing a few of the letters that ‘nobody likes.’ While Letter A is able to hold off the insistent numbers for a while, his musical compromise may have some unintended consequences.

This book is perfect for early readers looking for a laugh or toddlers who are just learning their ABCs. The characters make you smile, the conversation is fun, and you’ll find yourself whistling the song around the house for days to come.

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