The Assassin’s List: The Adam Drake Thriller Series (The Adam Drake Series Book 1)

| May 2, 2019


A Master Terrorist has a bankroll of twenty-five million dollars to recruit angry criminals, who converted to Islam while in prison, and train them to be assassins.

The mastermind’s mission is to get revenge for all the jihadi leaders killed by American drones and he has his own list of High Value Targets (HVTs) he plans to kill.

Adam Drake is an attorney and former Special Forces operative who picks up the scent of the terror plot when he’s retained to help a corporate client deal with the murder investigation and publicity surrounding the murder of the CEO’s executive assistant. The FBI isn’t interested in what Drake has discovered and he’s forced to rely on his training and lethal skills if he wants to prevent the planned assassinations.

THE ASSASSIN’S LIST is the first book in the popular Adam Drake Thriller Series by Scott Matthews. If you like a fast-paced thriller with a plot that could be tomorrow’s headline, you will enjoy the first installment in this heart-pounding action-packed series.
Buy THE ASSASSIN’S LIST today to read Adam Drake’s first challenging adventure.


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