Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies: painting lyrical landscapes with brushstrokes and words

| May 3, 2019


Ever wondered how to paint beautiful landscapes and seascapes in oils?

Debrah Martin shows you step-by-step in this book on not only how to paint in oils, but also how to access your creativity in all its forms – visually, and in prose and poetry too.

Debrah uses a technique called ‘sfumato’ to paint amazing sky, sea and landscapes. “Sfumato” translated into English means soft, vague or blurred. Leonardo da Vinci used it to famous effect with the Mona Lisa’s smile, but it can also be – and is – used in painting many other subjects. Using a variety of her landscape paintings she demonstrates:

  • how to use photographs and other resources for inspiration,
  • how to build up an oil painting from first composition to final image,
  • how to use colour, colour blending and mixing for dramatic effect,
  • how to depict light and shade,
  • how to use texture to create a 3D effect,
  • how to blend and smooth to mimic Leonardo da Vinci’s wonderful ‘sfumato’ technique.

Debrah is an Oxfordshire artist, teacher and award-winning psychological thriller and literary fiction author.

Ever wanted to learn how to oil paint, and be inspired as you do so? Here’s how…


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