Author interview with Brandon M Wilborn of ‘The Treasure of Capric’

Author Interview with Brandon M Wilborn of ‘The Treasure of Capric’ -- ASIN B07QSVGPSS

Kurian Abramson entered training with the warrior monks of Capric Hill at seven. Every day of his youth swings between brutal combat training and quiet study of the Order’s religious teaching. Now, almost a man, he vows to protect the Capric Treasure with his life. But when a tyrannical noble razes the monastery, Kurian and two friends are set on a quest to retrieve their treasure. The only lead points to an outlaw known as the King of the Caves. Can Kurian restore the treasure? Or will his world fall under the prophetic curse of 1,000 years of darkness?

Will the darkness fall? Brandon M. Wilborn, author of The Treasure of Capric, will guide us through the dark to brighter corners as we chat about the first instalment in the upcoming series, The King the Caves. Brandon, I love the start of a new series, so can you share how the idea for it originally came to you?

The seed of the story began with an idea of a certain type of people, people who had lost sight of what was most important and valuable to them. It dries you out to just live in the day to day, and so the people live in a place that is dry. But we can’t live forever without hope, and so they have to find that again. The Vltava from Smetana became an inspiring piece of music for the story.

Was music the only aspect from your life that you drew inspiration from, or did you inject a little more of yourself into the pages?

The protagonist, Kurian, has to find out a lot about himself, and to discover old things for himself. I have had similar experiences, and I think we all go through some sort of searching to discover our purpose and beliefs. One of the main antagonists however, struggles significantly with his choices, something I’ve also experienced. Sometimes the consequences of our own actions push us toward something worse, or bring us to a breaking point.

Kurian’s journey was essential to the story. I wanted to make his friends and travelling companions to have a variety of personalities and perspectives, but they’re forced together because of circumstances.

What do you think about as you’re documenting events like where your characters are being forced together?

My faith is often in mind while writing. Sometimes I think about which of my readers will most resonate with a passage.

What message did you hope most resonates with readers in this first book?

We have to discover or rediscover a purpose beyond ourselves. And sometimes what we thought was important isn’t what we imagined.

Does sharing messages like rediscovering purpose help keep you motivated to write?

It’s like ambrosia!

That’s awesome! Has this ambrosia effect helped your voice as an author progress?

I think I’m still too early in my career to say.

It’s never too early to start looking out for improvements to your author voice. If it’s hard to tell how your writing has progressed, maybe it’s easier to share what you learnt? What unexpected thing did you find the first words to the final product?

I was most surprised by how much fun I had, even though I already loved to write. The publishing process has been the biggest hurdle.

Oh, I agree. The publishing process is much more complex than many people imagine, but you’ve done it now. Are you working on a new project that will let you publish again?

Yes, the next book in the series is in the early stages. I hope to focus on it more after the first book is launched.

Good luck with the new book! I hope it gives you the ability to both exercise your writing and imagination skills in one neat bundle. But just in case it doesn’t kick your thinking into high gear, let’s take a few minutes to get it revved up with questions like if you invented a monster what would it look like and what would you call it?

There’s a swarming fish that shoots poisoned quills in the book. It’s called a hasslefish.

Not a fish you’d want to meet on your next trip to the creek. Perhaps you could build a more appealing option by melding two animals together. What we would get?

An elephantiger.

Now I think that I’d like to meet it more. Perhaps it could even guest star in the next book! Until then, we’ll just enjoy exploring the depths of the darkness in this novel. To put our minds in the mood, can you share a quote from the first book today?

“On those living in the land of shadow, a light will dawn.”

Shadows, light and dark. There’s so much adventure to be found in The Treasure of Capric! Brandon, thanks for sharing insights into your writing with us today, and I can’t wait to see your next release.

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘The Treasure of Capric ( ASIN: B07QSVGPSS )‘.

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