Author interview with Dee Talton of ‘From Battery to Victory 2: In the Midst’

In this 2nd edition, Deanna thinks she has escaped the nightmare of her past but then Jamie is set free and picks ups right where he left off. Vowing that he had changed like so many times before, Deanna finds herself once again trapped, succumbing to abuse much worse than before. What will she do? Will she survive?

Will Deanna be able to escape her situation, survive and thrive? To meet Deanna, Dee Talton, the mind behind the follow-up novel From Battery to Victory 2, has set aside a little time today to share the story behind this book. Dee, looking back, what inspired you to explore the world that Denna experiences through fiction?

From Battery to Victory started because I wanted to help other women who may be going through physical, verbal or psychological abuse.

Have you drawn from your own life when you were rising to the challenge of helping women through fiction?

Yes, I did! This book is a direct reflection of my life experiences.

Was it hard to develop characters who had shared that those reflections of your own experiences?

All my characters are based on real people, therefore, it wasn’t hard to come up with them.

Was it hard to write to turn the experiences and characters into fiction?

Writing energizes me. It allows me to escape to a place of comfort where I can be free to express and be who I am.

What do you think about when you’re in the middle of a free, expressive session of creative writing?

When writing I have the people I hope to help in mind and the things I wish was said to me when I was in that situation.

And what’s that central message or ideas that you really wanted to hear at that time, that you want readers to take from your work today?

I want the message to be “It is ok to speak out and not be silenced by your fears like I was.”

Yeah, it really is OK. As you think about it now, what do you feel that you’ve personally taken away, or learnt from sharing the message of speaking out against your fears?

The biggest learning experience for me has been the number of people that are through situations similar to the ones expressed in this book. It really blew my mind how many people I impacted just by telling my story. You always feel alone when you are going through something but you never are.

I agree, no-one ever really is alone. Let’s have a little interlude of fun with some sillier questions like if you could breed two animals together what new animal would you create?

A Buffarilla which is half buffalo and half gorilla.

That sounds like a very hairy creature, but I’d still love to meet it! While we’re creating creatures, can you think of something a little darker and perhaps deadly that would be an awesome monster to offset the lovleyness of the Buffarilla?

My monster would be called the Unitizer and it would look like a cross between the ugliest, deadliest snake in the world and the most beautiful butterfly.

That sounds really cool too. Now it’s hard to choose which one I want to meet more! Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to meet them both. But before that day, can you share a little about how your author journey has changed?

As readers provide feedback, I find better ways to connect and empower them.

Has this drive to connect and empower readers to lead you to build your own author brand so your message is clearer throughout and across your work?

Yes! I have implemented an author brand and the details are coming very soon.

That’s so exciting! I love to hear when authors have started working on their own brands, you’ll have to return to when it’s all done and tell us all about it! Since it’s a little early to tell us about your brand, instead can you tell us the next work of fiction that you’re working on to add to your brand after this book?

From Battery to Victory 3: Still Standing

Still Standing, that’s great to hear! We can’t talk too much about your new book today without giving much away, so I encourage readers to keep an eye out for Dee’s brand so they can be the first in line to pick up a copy. Dee, thanks so much for introducing us to the world in the From Battery to Victory series, and I can’t wait to see more soon!

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘From Battery to Victory 2: In the Midst ( ASIN: B07QLKLYC3 )‘.

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