The Lumberjack’s Secret Guest: A Sweet Romantic Suspense (Forbidden Lake Romance Book 2)

| May 6, 2019


He’s about to let in his enemy and call her a guest… Come to the dark side, where the romance is still sweet.

Phoenix Addler wants one thing: to live on his little patch of land and be left alone. He hasn’t been into the town of Forbidden Lake in years, and that’s just the way he likes it. After all, there’s grocery delivery even to the woods, and he doesn’t need everyone staring at him the way they did when his fiancĂ©e left him standing at the altar on their wedding day.

If only Allegra Wright would stop filing injunctions with the Division of Natural Resources to try to take his land. He lives in a remote corner of his family’s cherry orchard, which goes right up against the State Park, and she’s got it in her pretty little head that he needs to go.

Allegra has never gotten along with Phoenix, though he’s tall, broad-shouldered, and gorgeous. When her ex-boyfriend chases her one night, she uses her knowledge of the woods to get away from him. The problem? She ends up at Phoenix’s house, in desperate need of help.

He takes her in, the flame between them as hot as ever. But it’s different now. He’s…nice. Kind. Hard-working. And did she mention gorgeous? The longer she stays in his remote cabin as his guest, the less she wants to leave.

With his help, she finally gets a restraining order in place against her ex, who’s been stalking her. She doesn’t realize until afterward how hard it was for Phoenix to come to town, but he did it…for her.

Phoenix can’t believe it, but he’ll do anything for Allegra. Anything. But will he have to endure another broken heart? Can Allegra find a way to take their relationship out of the shadows without putting them both at risk?

This darkly sweet romance from USA Today bestselling author, Elana Johnson, will have you flipping pages until you learn every last, delicious secret.

This series is definitely sweet romance at its core, exactly what you expect from Elana.

Sweet, dark, delicious romances – kind of like your favorite chocolates.

But they’re suspense novels too, with a hint of danger in several aspects of the story…. Flirt with danger and read today!

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