Minimalism in Real Life: 4½ Practical Steps Towards a Meaningful Life

| May 7, 2019


These 41/2 Easy Steps will Revolutionize Your Life!

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You can keep it.

You’re here to find out if getting rid of things will make you happy, but you’re worried that you’ll have to get rid of something…

  • that box of photos
  • those old letters
  • your favorite mugs
  • all those books you’ve been meaning to read
  • your ultra-rare Pokemon card collection

So before we get started, let me say, “You can keep it.”

Minimalism can bring to mind some bearded hipster with thick-rimmed glasses brewing coffee by hand in an IKEA furnished AirBnB as he travels the world living out of a backpack. No offense if that’s what you want; that’s just not what minimalism is all about. Minimalism isn’t some cookie-cutter religion for the secular. It doesn’t have core tenets or commandments written in stone. Minimalism, oddly enough, really is more about what it’s not than about what it is.

You’re about to discover how to declutter any room and bring intentional meaning to every space and relationship in your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to ask better questions of your life
  • The Ugh-ly Tub Technique for capturing clutter
  • The Maths Technique for exorcizing excess
  • How the Sliding Hanger Technique can clear kitchen cupboards
  • How the Camera Technique can clear a thousand things
  • Where the Woody Technique can move your memorabilia
  • What firefighting has to do with maintaining order in the home
  • How a friendly wager can revolutionize your home
  • and much, much

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