Persistent Grit: Candid insights into the startup journey

| May 7, 2019


The entrepreneurial path may seem easy on the surface: Build out an idea, attract some investors, take the product or service to market, make a bunch of money and then cash out.

Such thinking, however, couldn’t be farther from reality. Bringing an idea to fruition and enduring the grind to make the related business successful is hard. Incredibly hard.

The most perilous times are the first three years, when initial traction and early growth must occur for any venture to gain the footing to even have a shot at being part of the 50% that make it to the five-year mark.

For a realistic perspective on those early years, Persistent Grit offers deep insights from 17 founders running 16 early stage businesses. From sophisticated technical firms to marketing-reliant consumer product companies and from a hair salon owner to a supplier in the red-hot cannabis industry, each founder’s story reveals:
* Multiple challenges on numerous fronts
* Unexpected and rewarding successes
* Strategies for rolling with the punches
* Valuable lessons learned from the trenches

Whether you’re contemplating your own startup venture, knee deep in the joys of entrepreneurship or looking to rekindle that early stage fire, Persistent Grit offers an array of insights and observations to help set your course from those living the startup life today.

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