Author interview with Laura Simmons of ‘Tough Karma: A Race Against Time’

Author Interview with Laura Simmons

Astral travel and a deadly secret make for a gripping paranormal romance from start to finish. Bryce must rely on his astral abilities to track Amber down. But will he be too late to save her from a deranged killer?

Will the killer succeed finding another victim, or will Bryce be able to stop him in his tracks? Find out more about the secrets behind the killer when Laura Simmons and I chat about the novel Tough Karma: A Race Against Time. Laura, to set ourselves up for this race in time, let’s wind the clock back to the genesis of this series. What thoughts lead to this tale?

This book began as I was finishing my debut novel, Little Bits of Karma. Two of the minor characters who played trouble making roles in that book, Bryce and Amber, let me know that they had a story to tell. Their story is dark and suspenseful in contrast to my debut novel which was more of a sweet romance with some spirituality. While Tough Karma is a sequel to Little Bits of Karma, the stories are vastly different and Tough Karma can be read as a standalone novel.

Was it easy to pull these characters into the new book?

Yes, it was easy to write for them.

What are you thinking about as you’re writing?

The characters first and foremost. I let them guide me, they tell their stories through me. It energizes me.

What core message has that energy turned into in this book?

The message I hope I’m getting across is that actions both good and bad can have far-reaching consequences, so be mindful of how you treat others.

A very good point to remember! Will readers be lucky enough to see points like this highlighted in new upcoming works from you soon? That is of course if you can share your new projects.

I’m currently writing my fourth book which is tentatively titled, Darkest Karma. It is part of my unofficial Karma Series and should be read after reading Tough Karma and Dark Karma: Sword of Vengeance. Darkest Karma is about a cursed sword in the wrong hands, a jealous immortal out for revenge, otherworldly forces in a battle for a woman’s life, and a love which transcends space and time. Can the darkest karma be undone? If so, at what cost? I anticipate publishing it sometime in 2020. My plan is to publish Darkest Karma and include it in a box-set with the other two titles.

Those are some great questions that I’d love to see answered! There’s so much work ahead of you, as you look back now and see how far you’ve come, how do you think your writing has changed?

I feel that I’ve become a better writer with each book. I’m more aware of when I’m dragging out a scene and my goal going forward is to make my books “page turners” as much as possible.

Have you also considered how an author brand might help you define your work as page turners both to yourself and readers alike?

I’ve thought some about my author brand. I have an avid interest in all things metaphysical, so my website and social media accounts are geared in that direction. I’m fond of positive inspirational and spiritual quotes, and post these types of things on my Facebook page and Pinterest boards.

Who doesn’t love a good quote? I’m sure there’s a great one in this book, so can you share it with us to help round out our interview today?

“Their eyes locked for a moment, and she felt her face become warm along with those disturbing thoughts of kissing him. He was feeling the same and continued holding her gaze, neither of them wanting to look away.”

Ooh, a touch of romance! How exciting! Laura, thanks for sharing a taste of your work with us, and for those readers want to see how the romance and thrills will evolve, pick up a copy of Tough Karma today!

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Tough Karma: A Race Against Time ( ASIN: B01NCWLQBK )‘.

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