Author interview with Jenna Brandt of ‘Nanny for the Billionaire’

Author Interview with Jenna Brandt

Nanny for the Billionaire follows the journey of Roger Boswell, the best friend of my hero in Waiting on the Billionaire. Roger is a reformed billionaire playboy and ends up being forced to take care of his secret son. He turns to a friend of a friend for help, and she temporarily fills in as a nanny for him while he sorts his situation out. Over the course of the story, they develop feelings for one another. Trouble arises when Roger’s son’s mother returns.

What will the return of his son’s mother mean for the reformed billionaire playboy Roger Bosell? Meet Roger and the mysterious mother as author Jenna Brandt and I chat all about the romance of ‘Nanny for the Billionaire’. Jenna, it’s lovely to see you again, what’s been going on in your life since we’ve last caught up?

I’ve been writing tons of contemporary romances. I started out in historical romances, so it was a big jump for me, but readers have responded well and the choice to branch out has paid off. I’m very happy with my new line of books.

A new line of books, that’s so exciting! What can you tell us about what’s coming up?

I’m currently working on two historical novels, Discreetly Matched which is part of the Match Made in Heaven Series, and Lawfully Avenged, part of The Lawkeepers Series. The first book is about an heiress who’s fiancĂ© dies and she must be discreetly matched with a new suitor. The second book is about a woman who shows up to meet her husband during the gold rush in California to find out he’s been murdered. There’s a US Marshal assigned to the case and during the course of the investigation, they begin to develop feelings for each other, despite both of them fighting the connection.

Two new romance stories that both sound great. How do you manage to write so consistently and continue to produce high-quality work?

I’ve found what works for me. I know my strengths and weaknesses and how to combat them as I’m working. Daily goals and participating in a group novel tracking monthly goal helps me stay on task.

I love your long-term view and commitment to writing. You’re still energised by the prospect of writing, more than exhausted or overwhelmed, right?

It can be both, but I would say more energizing than the latter. There is nothing like the natural high of finishing a book and realizing how great it turned out.

How has knowing your strengths and weaknesses to keep that energy up, and of course getting those books finished, turned into positive results in your recent author journey?

I did win a couple of awards. I was voted by readers into the Top 50 Best Indie Books of 2018 on for two of my books, Lawfully Treasured and Waiting on the Billionaire. I also became an Amazon bestselling author, reaching #1 in multiple categories in the US and Canada.

Congratulations on your success, that’s fantastic! Has your recent success made you re-think and re-adjust your brand as an author to either showcase these wins and your strong storytelling?

Yes, I just did a complete overhaul of my author brand. I have a new logo and bookmarks as well as updated my website to match the new brand. I am still giving away a free novella for anyone who wants to sign up for my newsletter at

Yay for free novellas! But we’re not here today to talk all about novellas, we’re here to talk about Nanny for the Billionaire. What originally led you to write a billionaire romance with a nanny?

Readers kept asking what happened to the supporting characters from Waiting on the Billionaire, so I decided to write Roger and Celeste’s story.

Tell us a little more about Roger and Celeste.

Celeste is spunky and outgoing, with a little sarcasm thrown in for good measure. Roger is the same, so you would think they wouldn’t work but they actually make a cute couple.

Were the events that this cute couple finds themselves in drawn from your own life?

I’ve struggled with fitting in, and walking away from long-time friends that aren’t good for you. I could relate with how Roger had difficulties reconciling his old past and his new future.

Walking towards a new future is a challenging thing to do in life. Was this message the central one you wanted to share with readers or was there another that you hoped they would connect with more?

Redemption is possible for anyone and faith can help you in any situation. Most importantly, love conquers all.

Love is important and conquering. What did you learn from sharing the power of love in this book?

I learned that I can manage to write even when sick. I had a really bad flu during this book, and I still managed to meet my deadline :)

With so many books on the horizon, I’m glad that you’re not letting even a bad flu stop you from your author journey. Jenna, thanks for sharing the latest from your life with us, and you’ll have to drop in soon and let us know about the next romance tale you have to share!

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Nanny for the Billionaire ( ASIN: B07RKZG3FW )‘.

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