Battle for Dochas – #3 Sovrano's Revenge

| May 9, 2019


In this romantic fantasy, Bora, filled with rage, prepares a devastating attack against Praespero, while Lord Gabriel constructs an intricate plan to defeat and vanquish the Bellorans from his land.

In this, the third volume in his series, Battle for Dochas, Thomas Johnson continues Lord Gabriel’s quest to restore his realm after millions perished in the cruel Belloran attacks against his people.

Gabriel and his closest aides, after descending from the Custelle Range, reunite with the rest of their team. They enjoy a hearty celebration hosted by the happy folk from Imperium Kilkenny. After the festivities conclude, Lord Gabriel secretly dispatches small squads across the continentem to assist him in his plans to defeat the enemy.

Meanwhile, to the east, across the Parvus Oceanus, Sovrano Erebus, the cruel ruler of all Bellor, commands the spiteful and vicious Borra to release an attack against Lord Gabriel and his growing army.

As his squads strive to carry out his orders, Gabriel journeys alone to the mountains of the Azarael Range, where he will continue his mission to restore the land.

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