Forbidden Loves: Goddess Mythology

| May 10, 2019


Lust, Jealousy, Power and Revenge!

These are the Passions of the Gods.

In this salacious retelling of Greek Mythology, King Zeus and Queen Hera maneuver to secure their rule, while their siblings and offspring scheme in secret to take over.

Aphrodite devises to upgrade her status using her skill of seduction while Athena believes wisdom is all that is needed to secure her legacy.

Brooding Ares is the prince of the gods, yet he is more concerned with the battle cry of mankind; will the mischievous Hermes swindle Ares out of his birthright and his new love?

Hephaestus is lame and unwanted, is his resolve strong enough to catapult him to the throne?

Forbidden Loves is the first in a series of stories delving into the interactions between the bold and scandalous family of Mount Olympus. A cross between Game of Thrones and your favorite Soap Opera, drama awaits on every page!


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