Claimed: (The Land of Schism Book 1) Epic Fantasy Novel for Young and New Adults

| May 10, 2019


An epic YA and New Adult fantasy saga that makes the term “frenemy” soar to new heights.

In a city divided between two gods, everyone has chosen sides.

The City

The Elysian fly around Summit obsessed with beauty, power, and pleasure. Born with surplus Talent, the citizens who become Caelum obediently squander their raw power, and unchallenged rules keep them in line—but times are changing. One Caelum crafts a malicious and deadly new use for Talent, and rising political tensions expose a simmering darkness beneath the city’s façade.

The People

Ari Laurel is an outcast with a secret, but she’ll risk exposure to save the only mother she knows from being sold at an auction. After a botched magical awakening, Ari is unexpectedly assigned to the lauded Second Born Storyweaver, Caelum Maewyn Ambire. Ari thinks she’s found an ally amid high-society prejudice, but trusting Maewyn might be her biggest mistake.

Maewyn’s family will make her do anything to gain social status—punishment for uncooperative behavior is severe. She thrashes under her family’s rigid control, and yearns for the power to reverse the situation. Especially when her obsessed, twisted former mentor reappears. In a desperate bid for freedom, Maewyn becomes bitterly ensnared in a web of deceit.

Both young women are unwitting pawns in an impending, cosmic clash between two gods. The odds are stacked against them, and the only god they trust is their own.

Whose side will you choose?

Claimed is an epic, world-building fantasy adventure involving secrets, faith, friendship, family, romance, and magic. This visionary and inspirational novel stirs the senses on how two friends begin to view each other as enemies, and how their decisions follow them into a brewing, world-altering war.

Reader Discretion: This book is recommended for 17+ due to mature themes and some violent content.


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