The Amish Muffin Murder (Amish Mystery and Romance) (Katie Zook, An Amish Detective Book 2)

| May 11, 2019


This is a Clean Amish Mystery / Romance by your favorite Best Selling Author Ruth Bawell.

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Katie Zook had been hoping for another mystery to solve, so when a guest drops dead at her grandmother’s inn, she can’t help but be excited. And, she must admit to herself, part of that excitement comes from the chance to see handsome Detective Bradford again. But when the trail of clues leads to a suspicious muffin and her best friend Emma’s bakery, Katie gets serious. Emma’s father is being suspected of the murder, and Katie has to prove him innocent.

With help from Detective Bradford, Katie unravels the secrets that someone has been willing to kill for. And as her investigation deepens, so do her feeling for the handsome detective. But the murderer is still out there, and willing to kill again. Katie doesn’t have the time to think about an impossible romance.

Does she?


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