The Adventures Of Bobby The Bedlington Terrier: Bobby And The UFO

| May 11, 2019


Bobby and Kevin are back for their second adventure in “The Adventures of Bobby the Bedlington Terrier: Bobby and the UFO.” Discover what adventures await this pair of heroes when they travel in a ship to Bedlington, UK.
There will be a non-human telepath, a time warp and much more awaiting Bobby and Kevin this time around.
The second book in the series will promise you a great time and a wonderful read about a boy and his dog, who go on the adventure of a lifetime.
What awaits these two, when they leave the house for their Saturday walk? Can Bobby even imagine what kind of adventure he will have as a terrier? Will it be everything and more than the last outing?
Bobby is looking forward to being a hero again, if he has the chance. Is Kevin feeling the same or does he want to make certain his dog has a wonderful life, traveling to his ancestor’s old land?
Plenty should be anticipated in this second novel, from their meeting a new friend, named Raylon to the technology that leads this duo around Bedlington.
Discover what is in store for both young boy and dog. There is more than just a wonderful trip to a new town and an alien telepath that looks like a human. There are adventure, danger, and amazing food.


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