It’s All Greek to Me

| May 12, 2019


Romcomstery. Defined by Websters as “A funny, romantic mystery”. Or…maybe I just made that up.

Anyone would describe Emily Potens as lucky. Kind, smart, funny, and trust fund rich, her life has been fairy tale perfect—minus the whole gay boyfriend debacle—until now.

Then suddenly, everything changes.

Tragedy and circumstance land Emily in a job least suited for a former diva and introverted only child – Sorority House Mom. And, in a fixer upper!

Responsibility! Roommates! Budgeting! Adulting!

Repeatedly getting in her way is that pesky, hot contractor Michael—a man with his own host of problems. And when suspicions pop up regarding Emily’s recent past…well, she begins to realize that things may not have always been as “perfect” as they seemed.

Join Emily on this hilarious tale of starting over at life and love, with an ending you’ll never see coming…

“Romance and hilarity ensue!” – Book Picks by Patricia Fischer – News4 San Antonio  

“I LOVE this book!!” – MS-Birdlady, Book Blogger

“I really enjoyed this sweet mystery romance…moments with sprinklings of humor and silliness make this a great light read…” – Andrea Johnston, Author of Whiskey & Honey

The book will appeal to fans of Mary Kay Andrews’ cozy mysteries…Ms. Aldrich’s debut novel is a delight, and I look forward to reading more from the author.” – BookJunkie Reviews


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