Falling for Jordan: A Second Chance Romance (A Different Kind of Love Book 2)

| May 12, 2019


What happens when a straitlaced doctor’s one-night stand turns into so much more… like an unplanned pregnancy? You lie, of course, about how everything—single motherhood via sperm donor and all—had been perfectly planned…

With her one-night stand resulting in an unplanned pregnancy and the baby’s father nowhere to be found, Filipino-American physician Addison Rowe makes up a story about getting pregnant… via a sperm donor.

After last year’s scandal involving her colleague Harlow James falling in love with a man thirteen years her junior, Addison’s got a professional reputation—and a private medical practice—to protect.
But when contractor Jordan O’Halloran returns home after a year working with a nonprofit in Southeast Asia, Addison will need to decide whether maintaining her reputation is more important than building a family for baby Piper.
But first, she’ll have to navigate through a maze of family expectations—and her own—and an ex-girlfriend who hasn’t yet let go of her first love.

This book is a lighthearted standalone story featuring diverse characters and follows after Everything She Ever Wanted featuring Dr. Harlow James and Dax Drexel. I hope you’ll enjoy Addison and Jordan’s story.


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