Stranger at the Hell Gate

| May 14, 2019


Recruited by higher powers, an angel seeks out the only man who could prevent an apocalypse from happening—but how can someone born of Hell be a vital part of Heaven’s mission?

Jagger is a warrior who has dedicated his existence to fighting the demons who enter the world through hell gates. A man of conflicting ideals—a demon who fights evil, a loner who offers shelter to a strange woman—he’s too rough, too dangerous, too cocky for Sonya’s delicate nature.

Dedicated to her cause, she’s determined to discover the reason for her mission. She needs Jagger’s help to uncover her true objective but, if he gets himself killed before she can figure it out, the world may fall to Hell’s dominion.

Sonya knows it’s a game Jagger cannot win on his own, so perhaps it’s time for divine intervention–even if it means losing him forever.


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