Runaway Rocket to Planet 3G (A Griffin Ghostley Adventure – Book #4)

| May 22, 2019

Runaway Rocket to Planet 3G (A Griffin Ghostley Adventure - Book #4) Book Cover - ASIN B07RJ23WKS

A Griffin Ghostley Adventure – Book #4
For readers ages 10 – 13

When a mad scientist moves next door to the Ghostley family and builds a spaceship in his backyard, eleven-year-old Griffin can’t stop himself from sneaking a peek inside that vessel. But accidentally launching the ship into space is something he never intended! Griffin soon finds himself on the mysteriously named planet 3G located on the other side of the galaxy, but without enough fuel to get back home. What could be worse than that? Maybe encountering a group of giants perhaps? Or stepping into a forest of prisoner-taking trees? Or how about evading a horde of enormous, planet-eating worms? Well, if Griffin Ghostley ever wants to get back home, he must face them all!

The Griffin Ghostley Adventure Series:
#1 Search for the Silver Swamp Monster
#2 Prisoner of the Giant Boona Bird
#3 The Snow Beast of Finnian Forest
#4 Runaway Rocket to Planet 3G


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