Changing On The Fly: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Hockey Punk Series Book 1)

| May 16, 2019


As a hockey player, Jude Holland is used to changing on the fly but when his longterm friend and secret crush, Maya Jenkins, needs his help the sudden change in their dynamics takes him by surprise.

But lousy timing is not the only thing he has to worry about. Maya’s abusive boyfriend, Carl Frasier, is a dirty player and he is not willing to let Maya go so easily.

Changing On the Fly is book one in the hot and steamy newly branded Hockey Punk Series where the men are hot hockey stick wielding guys and the women are not what they seem.

Weaving contemporary happy-ever-after romance around sometimes harrowing tales, Angela Stevens’ characters are raw and sensual. They speak as they play—hard and sometimes dirty, and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. But when any of the Hockey Punk guys fall for a girl, sparks are guaranteed to fly.

Please note this story was previously published as Lemon Drops and Love: The Cocktail Series.


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