Gardening : Your Guide For Gardening, Indoor Gardening ,Outdoor Gardening

| May 17, 2019


Here What Will You Learn In This Book

· Introduction

In recent times, a lot of people have come to discover and love the beauty of interacting and playing with nature and dirt. This activity or gardening as the case is, has become a trend with almost 20% of families involving in this activity in the past five years.

The growing interest in gardening could be seen to be as a result of people getting more enlightened on the shortage of food across the globe, the economy of the country, the health benefits of eating home grown and organic food or the interest in supporting the environment and the earth at large.

Regardless of the above advantages of gardening, it has other numerous health benefits like stress reduction and improvement of mental health, it is considered to be a moderate intensity exercise that increases long life, garden grown organic food increases nutrient intakes and decreases exposure to pesticides and other chemicals, it also reduces expenses when getting groceries.

Gardening is a wonderful activity that is very much encouraged as a hobby or just leisure pursuit for. It has been established
to be a way of staying active, healthy and in connection with nature.

· Chapter one…What is Gardening.

· Chapter two…History of Gardening.

· Chapter Three…Types of Gardening.

· Chapter four- Principles of Gardening.

· Chapter five-Disease and pest control

· Conclusion



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