Don’t Fear The Reaper

| May 17, 2019


‘The Grim Reaper fled across the land and the antichrist followed. The full moon cast monstrous shadows in their wake. They appeared to float as opposed to ambling. The long, curving blade of the scythe reflected the pale radiance. The white horse was free of the Reaper’s burden and strode forward alongside them. Then a luminous green fog ascended the horizon. Its core pulsed, spreading across the terrain, shrouding the moon and casting pitch blackness…’

This spine-chilling novel will have you turning the pages with eager, if not fearful anticipation! Written in the same taut, crystallised style of his former book, Abducted, the author has created a different yet similar tale that nudges at the edges of the supernatural and the unknown, exploring the darkness that lies deep in the psyche of every man and woman. Read this novel, if you dare…

About the Author:
Lex Sinclair was born in 1983 and is the author of eight novels including The Frozen Man and Neighbourhood Watch. His short stories have appeared in magazines such as Sanitarium. He has been published in the South Wales Evening Post.


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