Mail Order Bride: The Heartbroken Banker’s Miracle Bride: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (Big Bertha’s Mail Order Brides Book 7)

| May 18, 2019


This is a sweet, clean, mail order bride, historical western romance by your favorite author Faith Johnson.

Delilah Cody loves her job as a volunteer tutor, and hopes to become a teacher herself one day. She dreams of teaching sign language, so other deaf children, like her young sister, can communicate more freely. But after a terrible tragedy, Delilah Cody leaves her pain—and her dreams—behind to travel west with Big Bertha.

There she finds herself wed to Mr. Victor Norman, a rather cold, widowed banker with a young, deaf son. Victor’s son, Nathan, has suffered many losses in his few years, and at first he is wary of Delilah. But soon, Delilah begins to win his trust. However, though Nathan’s heart opens to Delilah, Victor remains distant and withdrawn. Refusing to see the changes in his son, or the effort Delilah has put in, he prefers to keep his heart locked.

Can love find a way, and can Delilah win over this broken man, as she has helped guide his son?


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