Children of Semyaza (The Ambler Accounts, #1)

| May 18, 2019


Everybody hates Garrick.

Garrick is a stoic teenager in 1950s New England who is constantly plagued by panic attacks brought on by peculiar dreams of a 15th century Lithuanian noble called Volant Kesgaila.

He struggles with the changing moods of an alcoholic father and bullying at school. At the center of all his woes is his cousin, Celina, who uses her peculiar influence over people to make his life a living hell.

This all changes when Garrick is approached by the enigmatic Octavius LeGrey, who explains Garrick’s dreams of Volant are not dreams but memories of a former life.

But that’s not all. Garrick is also an Incardian.

What are Incardians? An Incardian would claim, “gods!” Their lack of any apparent weaknesses and their origin as descendants of the Fallen Angel, Semyaza, puts them at the head of the Atruman food chain.

Atrumans, not demons. “The word ‘demon’ is offensive,” an Atruman would say.

Octavius is an Incardian who believes Garrick is the prophesied Ambler—the one Atruman who will either survive or prevent the extinction of all Atrumans on earth. He believes it is his duty to prepare Garrick for such an outcome and the challenges he will undoubtedly face from other Atrumans who deny his power, and Atruman hunters keen on preventing the prophecy’s fulfillment.

But Garrick is not interested in any of it. He wants to use his newfound power for one thing: revenge on Celina.

Children of Semyaza is book 1 of the new adult urban fantasy series, the Ambler Accounts.

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