THE MOON: The Big Space Encyclopedia for Kids. Solar System: Questions and Answers (Solar System for Kids Book 1)

| May 19, 2019


Look up into the sky on any cloudless night, and chances are you’ll see the Moon. Our glowing neighbor in space is as familiar to us as the Sun and the stars. You may even have imagined walking on its surface. But how much do you really know about the Moon? You may already know that the Moon is our planet’s only natural satellite, that it circles the Earth, and that we can watch it go through phases from round and full to thin like a sickle. But do you know how high you could jump on the Moon? Or what the Moon’s seas are made of? Or what would happen if we didn’t have the Moon? (Hint: Our days would be a lot shorter.) Or how about whether people will ever visit the Moon again? Read on to find the answers to these fascinating questions and much more!


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