The Demon of Blackguard Hall


She’s a demon’s worst nightmare. But portals to the underworld go both ways…

Witch Gabrielle “Elle” Warwick loves the thrill of the chase. Along with her ragtag team of paranormals, she dispatches a ruthless creature to the Netherworld and ignores his warnings of hellish retribution. But when Elle investigates a string of missing students, the fearless demon hunter realizes their manhunt just shifted into a black-magic drug ring.

As Elle and her vampire partner go undercover at a nearby university, she fears that a scratch from the local wildlife might be more supernatural than it seems. With the terror of an unexpected transformation close at hand, the determined witch must keep her cool to stop a devilish conspiracy from opening the portal to hell.

Can Elle take down the operation before a demon army overruns humanity?

The Demon of Blackguard Hall is the first book in the action-packed Gabrielle Warwick Demon Hunter urban fantasy series. If you like dark battles, magical special ops, and a splatter of wry humor, then you’ll love Bronwen Skye’s pulse-pounding novel.

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