The Vikings: Explore the Exciting History of the Viking Age and Discover Some of the Most Feared Warriors

| May 20, 2019


Take a journey back in time to witness the dawning of a civilization forever defined by
its ferocious warriors, highly advanced seafaring technology, and thirst for adventure.

The Viking Age! A brief footprint in the course of history that impacted generations hundreds
of years into the future. You will dive into the depths of Scandinavia to find out what made
the Vikings the most feared group of people in the European Middle Ages. Experts at warfare
and navigating the high seas, the Vikings were on a mission and would not let anyone stand
in their way!

Brutal conquerors they were, but the Vikings were no mere savages. The Vikings had a
unique culture and society that spread much influence through transcontinental trade and
exploration into unknown worlds.

Navigate the Vikings’ journey from their first encounters with the inhabitants of the British
Isles to their discoveries of Greenland and North America. Along the way, meet some of the
most famous Vikings to ever walk the face of the Earth.

You will meet the infamous legend Ragnar Lothbrok whose very existence is shrouded in
mystery. Step into the shoes of the first European explorer to step foot onto the lands of North
America, Leif Erikson. Countless other warriors, kings, and explorers left their mark that
paved the path the world has taken to this very day.

Get your copy now! Relive their journeys through the eyes of a Viking and discover the
makings of this fascinating civilization!


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