We Were Still Kids

| May 20, 2019


Unresolved Issues From the Past Can Lead to a Troublesome Future

Charlie constantly finds herself reminiscing about the good times at grandma’s house. She recalled her brother and sister playing outside while she helped Grandma Rose pick greens from the garden. The delicious soul food, the gospel teachings, and getting eggs from the chicken coop were only a few of the fond memories that entertained Charlie.

Unfortunately for Charlie, those good memories were always plagued by the grim reality of her everyday existence. Although she strived to be everything that grandma taught her to be, circumstances detoured her happiness. Instead of dealing with her childhood issues, she suppressed them with her work. No matter how hard she tried to deal with the cards she was dealt, her soul-stirring recollections continued to interfere with her normal life. Uncertain of how to move forward from the dark drama, her only option is to confront the demons.

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