goodbye, depression. hello, minimalism.

| May 22, 2019


How might your life be better with less?

have you ever looked at the Tibetan monk, living stress-free, and thought “Well, I want to be that stress-free, but I don’t want to part with my belongings. I wish I can be stress-free, can it be?”, and the answer is: yes, you can.

Dan Edward will share how practical minimalism can actually help you to remove mental clutter, which in turn will help you to be stress-free.

Best news of all? You can be stress-free without living like a Tibetan monk, you can keep your favorite sweater that has been super outworn but still “sparks joy” (Marie Kondo style), you can stay in the apartment you’re living in right now, you can keep your dog (obviously).

Packed with a practical, yet detailed guide on minimalism and wellbeing, this book will help you to fight depression (if you had one), and to live stress-free.


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