The Foreigner

| September 23, 2014


Are You Drawn To Romantic Sagas? ‘The Foreigner’ will involve you instantly in the loves and losses of an unforgettable actress.

Go with Marie Howard as Fate takes her onto the world’s stage!

Marie Howard dreams, in 1919, of being elevated from understudy to leading lady at the Tavistock Theatre. Not content with just dreaming, Marie schemes to replace temperamental actress Dolly Martin, oblivious to the possible consequences of so doing.

All too soon, loved by London audiences and adored by two very different men, Marie is forced by events into decisions that change her life more dramatically than any role she has played on-stage.

As Hitler rises to power in a Europe still scarred by the First World War, Marie contends with heartbreak as well as with the increasingly deadly enmity between her husband and his vengeful brother. Who will win the life-long battle being waged between them? And what shocks await Marie in war-torn London?

If you’re a fan of family sagas that tug at your emotions, you need to read this book with its love story theme because you’ll feel deeply involved with its memorable heroine and her triumphs and tragedies from beginning to end.

Scroll up and secure your copy today.

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