The Unprintable Big Clock Chronicle (Caitlyn Rocket Mystery No. 1)

| November 9, 2013


The Unprintable Big Clock Chronicle (Caitlyn Rocket Mystery No. 1)

Fast-paced, funny, full of holiday charm!  Fans of humorous mysteries will love this clever new series featuring Caitlyn Rocket, grad student and part-time newspaper reporter… 

After doing The Chronicle‘s grunt work for the last six months, Rocket is ready to move out of her cobwebbed cubby hole in the corner.  A nearby office robbery gives her a perfect opportunity to prove herself to the managing editor of the newspaper, Ian Beller.  According to her boss, all she has to do is find some leads. 

Before long Rocket discovers that the small company she’s investigating is a hotbed of secrets and grudges… and if she looks hard enough, she’ll find a winding trail of clues that lead to murder. With a fresh, lively voice and spunky young heroine, Winters’ Caitlyn Rocket series is sure to appeal to readers of all ages.

“[Winters’ writing] is a brilliant blurring of the lines between high art and pop culture.” (New Jersey Life Magazine)

Well-written and witty” (Suspense Writers Review on Raspberry Crush)

“top-notch romantic suspense” ( on Lime Ricky)

“Jill Winters understands situational humor and she uses it here to great effect…the humor is natural” (The Romance Reader on Plum Girl)

“an author for all seasons” (Midwest Book Review)


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