Author interview with Gene R Poschman of ‘Prologue to The adventures of Booh and Babbot’

Author Interview with Gene R Poschman

This Prologue is the origin story of how Bartholomew Hardgrove and Jonathan Babbot met. It introduces the reader to Booh and Babbot. It also provides the initial information on how the two met and why they have been chosen to take on a series of adventures simply because of a simple act of kindness. This book and the series are meant for the young and the young at heart.

Are you young, or young at heart and looking for a new adventure? Get introduced to something new today, when author Gene R Poschman and I chat about ‘Prologue to The adventures of Booh and Babbot’. Gene, I want to start our discussion today at the beginning, how did the idea for this book come to you?

This book found life from a failed game I was developing when I was younger. This is a picture book with adult themes that will appeal to the child in all of us.

What kinds of themes, ideas or experiences from your life pop-up in the book?

I took the joy I had when watching vaudeville comedy teams and my love of fantasy from the dark side and turning it upside down so that the creatures of the dark become underdogs to fight for.

How did the characters come to you from that joy?

From mythology, fairy tales, stories of fantasy, and the movies of my childhood.

And who turned that joy and characters into the artwork that we see in your picture book?

Lara Calleja is the Artist and Illustrator for the Adventures of Booh and Babbot.

Tell us a bit more about how you worked together on this book.

This is a combination of my storytelling talent and the artistic illustrations of Lara Calleja. After I saw her ability I knew I could write a series of fantasy stories based on the comedy of Laurel & Hardy and Abbott and Costello.

Do you feel that the books are very much of their time, despite being inspired by comedy teams of the past?

I hope this book and those in the follow on series will provide entertainment for the young at heart, and a new way of looking at the world around us.

Are there people who you feel won’t enjoy this book and a new way of looking at the world around us?

I can’t think of anyone with imagination who won’t enjoy this book.

Let’s move from talking about the story itself to the process behind it. Where did you learn to write?

The sources of my storytelling skills are many and varied. I learned to physically in the California public school system. My imagination? I was born with it. I was an adult when I combined the two. I was retired when I found I had the time to write what I wanted.

How did you take all of this information and prepare to become a writer?

I learned about grammar, and I started writing.

What new things did you start learning when you started writing?

I began learning the difficulties in trying to format a picture book for publication.

Has joining a writing group helped your journey?

Yes, I belong to a readers group that has given me insight into what readers are looking for.

How have these insights and your dedication to the writing craft changed your voice as an author?

I prefer writing in the first person. It can be more difficult, but it is also more personal. It is fun thinking the first person, I get to play the person who is telling the story.

Has taking this position of playing and leading the story helped you think about how an author brand might change or even improve your writing, or approach to writing?

I have a facebook page and I am willing to talk with my readers. I love to know what readers like about what I write, and is there something they would like for me to relate about one of my characters, or if there is a question I can answer for them in one of my books.

What kinds of responses have you received from people who have read this book so far? What have they been asking you?

When is the series coming out?

That’s a great question from your readers. So, what are you working on?

I am working on four different series. The Adventures of Booh and Babbot, Jonas Watcher detective adventures, In Her Majesty’s Service, A Celtic Cop on Staten Island.

Wow, with so much series work going on it’s clear to see that you’re one busy author! Gene, thanks for sharing a little time from your busy schedule to chat with us today about this adventure, and I hope to hear about your new adventures soon!

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