The Penthouse Secrets: A NYC Billionaire Romance Series Box Set

| May 24, 2019


Billionaire’s romance best in Penthouses!

**A 4 Book, over 600-Page Series. No unwanted bonuses! **

The Penthouse Secrets is a New York City, Billionaire Romance Series! This 4 books series features the hottest NYC billionaire’s, a never before experienced billionaire lifestyle, and some panty melting romance.

Order now for 70% discount on $3.00, to get this series for JUST $0.99!

Book 1 : Conquered :

I wanted her from the first moment I saw her. You wonder if I got her? Sure I did. I get everything I want. The only thing, she ruined everything!

Book 2 : High Rise Love :

I asked America’s toughest CEO for help. And now he wants only one thing in return: my hand in a fake marriage.

Book 3 : The Long Shot :

Every time he looks at me, I struggle for breath, my knees go soft, my heart races. Football players are my weakness…

Book 4 : The Gypsy Dancers :

I dance for him, and he dances for fame. We dance together for life and love.

Buy this box set to experience a NYC Billionaire romance like never before. The Penthouse Secrets is a series of 4 books each a steaming hot romance, that has a super-sweet climax and a guaranteed HEA!


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