The Red Creeper

| May 24, 2019


Excerpt from The Red Creeper:

Bangalore, Colonial India, 1898 C.E.

The pits had been hastily dug, and were being just as hastily filled. Harsh rain lashed against the men, soaked the bodies heaped in carts, and pelted the ground below, turning it sludgy and making their already nasty job even nastier.

Hundreds were buried that day; every one of them poor, unclaimed, and bearing the tell-tale marks of the Black Death.

Book Three: A Novella

The Red Creeper

Kunal Singhania, a young professional on the cusp of marriage, receives an unexpected jolt when, all of a sudden, he begins hallucinating about ghostly spectres and disembodied voices. Diagnosed with a psychological disorder, Kunal tries, with the help of his fiancée and friends, to piece his life back together.

But is he losing his mind and his grip on reality? Or is he being haunted by forces beyond the realm of nature?

An unsettling account of the battle between a mortal man and a powerful phantom.

The Broken Kaleidoscope is a collection of standalone short stories and novellas. From the ugly to the uncomfortable, the hidden to the forbidden, the misunderstood to the unspoken, the stories take you on a journey that is both hauntingly bitter-sweet and tragically hopeful.

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