Breaking the Foundation of Procrastination

| May 25, 2019


We all have dreams, decisions, and desires we want to realize, and planes, principles, and potentials we are eager to fulfill. ?
And so often, we are making resolutions, new rules and restrictions, hoping for some personal revolutions.?
We strive to take back the throne of our own mind and life.
To be free. ?
To be the one who decides where to go, what to do, who to be, how to live.?
And still, too often, we can’t help but helplessly watching how our time passes by together with our opportunities and optimism.


And then, consciously or not, we are settling for less than joyful and meaningful, less than what we know we really want, for the less than satisfying, less than fulfilling.?
Trapped in the circle of procrastination, where only our resistance persists, we are oscillating from excitement to excuses, from initial commitments to new disappointments. ?
We are putting our lives on hold, we’re delaying our living, all from those little everyday demands and obligations, to our life projects, hearts’ wishes, and soul missions. ?
We are being passive, but not rested; busy but not productive, comfortable but not happy.


Found in a maze like this, we can either break its’ walls or create even more of its’ halls and dead-ends. ?
And we do it with our consciousness.


And that’s what this book is about. ?
It wants to puzzle out that maze, to help you figure out its’ construction, to break its’ very foundations.?
It’s about breaking the contract we made with our fear of never placing a foot out of the comfort zone.

About breaking the patterns of behavior and those old conditionings which are perpetuating our dissatisfactions.?
About breaking the old, outdated, someone else’s rules, and setting and honoring our own. ?
Breaking the limitations of our minds.?
Breaking the distance between our desires and our realizations.?
Breaking the spell of powerlessness.?
Breaking the foundation of procrastination before it breaks all of our promises, our dreams, and our will. ?
Before it breaks ourselves.?
It’s about breaking free.


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