Author interview with Josh Soule of ‘The Monster’

Author interview with Josh Soule of 'The Monster'

The Monster follows the psychological decline of a nameless narrator who is stalked and framed by a local serial killer. He finds himself on the run and in the company of criminals and misfits as he tries to find his place of belonging. As days tick by, the time must come for him to clear his name before he winds up in jail or worse.



Will the narrator of The Monster be able to clear his name or will he be charged for crimes he didn’t commit. Or something even worse? Meet the narrator with me today as chat with Josh Soule, the mind behind ‘The Monster’. Josh, tell us more about this monster. How did it all begin?

I first had the idea for The Monster when I was about ten years old. Although, at the time, I didn’t have the skills or motivation to finish the story.



What skills did you end up using to turn the story into a fully-fledged book?

We do all of the work for my book ourselves. I write, Sierra and I edit, we format, design the cover, and self-publish. It is absolutely 100% a family project.



That’s awesome! I love that you’ve combined to build a story. What was the central theme, or idea that you combined together to share with readers through the pages?

There are a lot of hidden messages in the book; about finding joy, appreciating the things that we take for granted, and many others.



Were any of the messages, characters or plotlines inspired from events in your own life?

I don’t necessarily personally relate to any of the characters, but a lot of the concepts and details are things I have witnessed or have known friends and family to experience.



Do you feel the concepts, details or messages are very much of their time?

I think that understanding the effects that abuse and mistreatment have on people’s mind is a very important lesson to learn today.



What feedback have you received from readers who’ve explored the lessons you’ve shared?

People receive the book in different ways, but generally, the consensus is a positive one. Many people have told me that they formulated a bond with the characters and found them very relatable.



Such positive feedback must encourage you to continue writing. What upcoming projects can readers who have loved your work in the past look forward to?

My next book, “Into the Woods”, is a much darker tale than The Monster. It is the story of three childhood friends who reunite as adults to help solve the mystery of a strange creature that has been attacking local livestock. Embarking on this journey into the woods that were a place of legend in their childhood, they find much more than they bargained for or anticipated.



Oooohhh, that sounds exciting! I’m going to let you return the journey into the woods today, and I hope to hear more about this next tale soon! Josh, thanks for sharing a taste of your adventures today, and I hope readers explore the mystery of The Monster.


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