The 90-Day Happiness Journal: The scientific solution for a life of happiness

| May 28, 2019


Why this journal makes you happy

The special thing about this diary is that it will really make you happier. How do I know? Because all the questions you find in this diary have been scientifically researched and proven to increase happiness. The diary is based on the findings of happiness research. Every single question you are asked has been tested in studies.

Happiness research loves journals

You want to be happier? This is not a bad idea because happy people are not only happier but also healthier and more successful.

This diary is a particularly effortless way to become happier. You don’t have to meditate, do sports or psychotherapy; no, you just have to answer three questions a day for a few minutes.

Why gratitude journals don’t work

Let me explain: Gratitude journals are designed for the reader to write down a few things every day for which he is grateful. Scientists have found that it doesn’t work. At the latest, after a few days we start to fill in the diary mechanically. The problem: If it becomes mechanical, then it has no effect. Happiness researchers have found through studies that it is best to keep a gratitude diary only once a week. That is why this Journal is NOT a gratitude diary, but a happiness journal.

The 90 day happiness diary is your personal tool to inject a dose of happiness every day. You will begin to notice the positive in your life instead of focusing on the negative.

Start today with “The 90-Day Happiness Journal”.

Take the first step into a happier life today. To get started, scroll up the page and click the Buy Now button to purchase your copy today.


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