A Songwriter’s Death

| May 29, 2019


A musician’s first love is music.
But what about everything else in there lives?

Michael and Tina are both chasing music and fame. But when one partner gets bitten by the fame bug first. It will have far-reaching consequences on there life and marriage.

Watching from the stands is easier than being propped up on the side. But if Tina’s going to do it, a little libation never hurt. But if they can’t figure this out. Then the glitz and glam may destroy them and their marriage. Everyone knows that love never survives the music industry. The only question is what dies first?
This shouldn’t have to end in A Songwriter’s Death.

A Star is Born Meets Blue Valentine.

You’ll love this intriguing and sexy story that’s part rockstar romance, part addiction drama, that pulls back the curtain of what it means to find fame and success.


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