My Life as Kelsey

| May 29, 2019


A roller coaster ride of discovery about love:
letting it in, handing it out, and releasing it to the wind.

Nothing amusing about working
at an amusement park for the summer–
until Stone Maverick Avery walks in
with his designer sunglasses and rock star attitude.
He’s totally out of my league.

Oh, did I forget to mention,
I’m not allowed to date?

My mom, who’s afraid
I’ll end up an unwed,
single teen mom like her,
keeps me on lockdown
from friends and boys.
She insists my priorities be SATs
and finishing top of my class.

As summer ends and 11th grade begins,
I must say goodbye to my little bit of freedom.

And goodbye to any chance of seeing Stone again.

But then it happens.

That tragic event that redefines my life and
turns it from monotonous existence
to roller coaster journey:

  • finding first love,¬†
  • learning the truth about my father,
  • and discovering a different side of my mother.

Twists and turns that teach me about all the facets of love.

In the end, will these lessons allow me to live a life of no regret, or will I let my past pull me under?

My name is Kelsey.
And this is my life.

* * *

My Life is Kelsey
is book one in the My Life series, stand-alone novels with interconnecting characters dealing with real life situations and intense emotions. Stories about Noah and Marlee coming Summer, 2019.


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