New Year’s Endeavor (Adventure Cruise Line)

| November 10, 2013


New Year's Endeavor (Adventure Cruise Line)

NEW YEAR’S ENDEAVOR Book 3 in the Adventure Cruise Line Series

Love happens when you least expect it.

Recently widowed Tammy Knox takes a holiday cruise at the urging of her daughter Avery and her best friend Dori Miller. Tammy is seeking a distraction from her increasingly lonely life, but she doesn’t expect it to be in the form of her best friend’s handsome, younger son.

At first, she refuses to believe Josh Miller prefers her company over the bikini-clad twenty-somethings openly flirting with him. But when Josh’s young son goes missing, Tammy is instrumental in his rescue, and the mutual attraction that flares between Josh and her grows too strong to ignore.

Is their New Year’s endeavor destined to be a shipboard fling or true love?

A sensual contemporary romance, this 26,000 (approximately 100 pages) novella is easily read in a few hours.


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