A Shadow in the Flames

| May 30, 2019


On a hunt for the cybernetic arsonist who torched his home, what Michael Flynn doesn’t know could destroy him…

Northgate is in turmoil. Decaying, violent, and corrupt, it is a common enough city in 2051, yet soon, a discovery will echo from beneath the Moon’s surface to set Northgate aflame.

New arrival Michael Flynn is jobless and down to his last few dollars, but he still dreams of making a positive difference of his own. He has no family, no friends—save for the idolized freelancer known only as Diomedes—and tonight the apartment they share will burn to the ground.

When Diomedes becomes his mentor in a search for the arsonist responsible, Michael will get the chance to realize his dreams. Joining them is Felix, a wise-cracking “information bounty hunter” who claims that neither the arsonist nor Diomedes are quite what they appear.

Will Michael pass through the flames unscathed, or will urban violence incinerate all that he is? Those who search the Moon will be watching…

Red Muse Press edition, released June 2016. Originally published 2007. Revised edition 2014.


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