Blood Ghost (The Hunting Tree, Book 4)

| November 10, 2013


Blood Ghost (The Hunting Tree, Book 4)

Blood Ghost (The Hunting Tree, Book 4)

They stopped the monster, but his blood remained. It soaked into the forest floor, poisoning the New Hampshire soil. The witch fed. She, the Blood Ghost, the thief of life’s essence, grew strong on that blood, and she grew bold. Now she’s taken a new lover. Each drop of his young blood feeds the witch and her evil purpose.

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Back in Maine, Davey is having nightmares again. This time he’s vowed to stop them before they come true. Davey will enlist his distant cousins once again and join them to fight the witch, the Blood Ghost.

“Blood Ghost” is a continuation of “The Hunting Tree” series. Enjoy it alone or as part of the set.


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