The Return of Light (The Primloc Chronicles Book 1)

| June 1, 2019


Brie Fyre’s life is forever changed when heavily-scarred Chloe Martin and her wolfish stepbrother, Alex Stone, enroll at her boarding school in Hemlock Falls. No longer consumed by the fear of failing chemistry, Brie instead finds herself enthralled by the mysterious newcomers. But Brie has no idea just how different they are—until a boring party in the woods turns bloody and they drag her to Prim-Terra, land of the primlocs, a magical race created long before humans.

Nine powerful families from ancient bloodlines, each wielding a deadly ability, rule Prim-Terra. The Blood of Silverstone has the power to grow the most beautiful roses with one hand while choking an enemy with a vine in the other. The Blood of Windermere can soar amongst the ravens, while the Blood of Borgen can swim with the mermaidens. The Blood of Diagon can turn wood into ash with a flick of a wrist, but the Blood of Blackheart can turn diamonds into rubble with a curl of their palm. And each has a reason to keep Brie alive or see her dead.

To survive this alien and ruthless world, Brie must adapt to a life of power struggles, ever-changing alliances, and the occasional bewitched vine trying to make her a midnight snack. And with the High Lord hunting her to fulfill an ancient prophecy stemming back to the Age of the Gods, she must seek the help of the very people who dragged her to Prim-Terra as she learns to play a dangerous game of life, death, and love.

As the hunt begins, Brie must decide which role she’ll play—hunter, or prey?


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