| June 1, 2019


There is a Ghost Penis Monster and a Giant Hell Spider in this book, you’ve been warned!

In 1982 Moe killed a man while defending his son.
The next day the man came back.
In 1982 Moe went missing.
The man continued to come back.
In 2014 events are repeating themselves.

In a race against time, reason and more time, Shane has to unwind mysteries of the past in order to save his friend Jason who has gone missing.

Ugh…. That sounds heavy. While all the above is true, this book also has a Ghost Dick Monster that stabs his ghost dick into a guy’s shoulder… seriously, that actually happens in this book.

Also, the main dude Shane, mentioned a couple paragraphs above, well he and his wife are having issues. They both want to bang more, but they aren’t good about talking about it, so it’s this whole thing. Anyway, they are cute, and shit together by the end, shit… is that a spoiler… shit… can you say shit in a book blurb? Oh well, whatever this book is not for kids… So fuck I’ll say whatever I want… boobs.

Anyway, this book has Laughs, Sex, Monsters, Mysteries, and a dick ton of other really cool stuff that I won’t spoil here. You want to be cool right? Well, then you better read this book, I mean all your cool friends already have. Don’t ask them, just trust me.

The first book in the Aurora Wasteland Literary Universe, which combines Horror, Scifi, and Humor.
All books in the Aurora Wasteland Literary Universe are interconnected but are also stand alone novels, and can be read in any order you’d like.
They are all by the way AURORA WASTELAND books.

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