Author interview with Glen Goodrum of ‘Superfoods For Super Health’

Author interview with Glen Goodrum of ‘Superfoods For Super Health’

Want to learn more about the benefits of superfoods? Glen Goodrum, author of the recent release, ‘Superfoods For Super Health’, has kindly dropped into to discuss his findings. Glen, what inspired you to write a book all about superfoods?

I have been using superfoods myself for some time and swear by them.

So it really was about sharing your own experiences?

Yes, very much so. I just want to share my blessings.

What was the main idea or blessing that you wanted readers to take away from the book?

That superfoods are the way to stay your healthiest.

Is this message something that you feel has some longevity? Or do you think this is more of a problem of today?

Both people need it now and in the future. Who doesn’t want to be healthier?

*Laughs* You never know! What personally was your biggest learning experience when writing this book?

Overcoming my age I’m 75 and a voice inside my head keep saying you’re too old you can’t do this.

What steps did you take to help you overcome your doubts? Did you try any resources to help you write a better book?

At first, it was self-teaching, but it got much when I went to the Salvation Army Officer Training School. But it had been so long since I had done any writing I had to learn it all over again. Then, I read many books on the subject and put what I read into practice.

Do you think about the new things that you learned when you write? Or is your focus on something else?

At first, I put down whatever comes into my head and when it’s finished, I sort it out and rewrite it.

Have you found that joining a writing group has helped you sort out, and rewrite your work?

I just started in a couple and have been studying how they work.

Ahh, so it’s a little too early to tell. Keep with it and let me know what you think in a few months time. It’s too early for feedback from the writing groups, but have you received feedback from readers yet? What have they told you?

They find it interesting and informative.

That’s a great overall response! Have there been strong negative and positive comments that you’ve received that have stuck in your mind? What can you tell us about them?

My strongest negative response was having my first books rejected by Amazon, and the strongest positive was that a person agreed with me and said I should keep writing.

It’s great when you have readers encourage you forward! What are you working on next for readers who love your work?

A Superfoods Cookbook and some different types of puzzles to go with the sudoku puzzle books I have out.

A new cookbook and some puzzles to keep readers busy while they wait. There’s something for everyone! Glen, thanks for sharing a taste of health in our chat today. I hope that you’re able to continue inspiring readers to improve their lives through good health in the future.

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘superfoods For Super Health ( ASIN: B07S3KMKRB )‘.

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