The Chrysolite Mission: The Lights of Zoain Book One

| June 2, 2019


Special Forces Commander Ryle Gelibor must hunt down the one person he does not want to find—the father who abandoned him. Ryle’s father fled their home world of Chrysolite decades earlier under charges of treason, and Ryle has never forgiven him. When the planet’s defense codes are stolen, Ryle’s father becomes the key to protecting their world from all-out invasion.

But Ryle also has a secret agenda.

The wizard Qusam—of the order who harness the power of music—urges Ryle to pursue restoration of the Lights of Zoain, ancient mountain lights which once shone from the peaks of the tallest mountain of each of the seven planets. Their secret lies in a scroll buried under the sea on the enemy’s home world of Amethyst.

Ryle’s elite squad launches a covert mission to Amethyst to retrieve the defense codes, locate his father, and—without official approval—find the scroll, without which true victory will elude them.

The Chrysolite Mission is the first installment in the Lights of Zoain Series.


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