Daisy Dragon Visits Her Grandparents: Children Bedtime story picture book for Kids (reading books for children ages 3-5 4)

| June 2, 2019


This books for kids is relatable for children of any ages.
Daisy Dragon Visits Her Grandparents is an illustrated bedtime story for young children written in rhyme.
The book’s charming and colorful illustrations are sure to entertain young readers of all ages.

Daisy Dragon is going to visit her grandparents by the sea. She’s looking forward to lots of outdoor activities, hearing her grandfather’s stories about the old days, and eating delicious meals prepared by her grandmother.

Many children will identify with Daisy’s adventures away from home as she and her bother enjoy spending time with their grandparents. Parents and teachers can also use Daisy Dragon Visits Her Grandparents to teach children about the benefits of spending time with all their family members, valuing their older relatives, and making the most of every day.

Daisy Dragon Visits Her Grandparents is ideal for bedtime reading with younger children. Older children will also enjoy reading this wonderful and entertaining book on their own.


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