Issiryth’s Curse: Book 1 (The Islands of Sedania)

| June 3, 2019


Her children were missing. What choice did she have?

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Liza was desperate to find her children. Blane was desperate to have her. What seemed like a beautiful tropical paradise in another realm of the universe, turned out to be a twisted place where the rules don’t apply. She felt a passion for him she couldn’t quite explain, but could she trust him? Will Liza play by his game long enough to find her children and escape? Will Blane be able to fight his jealousy enough to let her go? In a world where everything is upside down, anything can happen.

“There was something comforting in the touch of his hand, yet sinister in his smile. His embrace felt like I had nothing else. My common sense eroded away in the pleasantries of his tongue. My strength was smothered in the generosity of affection. My soul was crushed in the fist of his control. I was under his spell, mind, body, and soul.”

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Please be advised this book contains adult content with strong language and sexuality which may not be suitable for all ages. 18+ is advised.


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