Author interview with Stephen Kluserits of ‘Beat your kids (at sports, games, etc.) and other advice for dads.’

Author interview with Stephen Kluserits of 'Beat your kids (at sports,games, etc.) and other advice for dads.'

Beat your kids (at sports, games, etc.) and other advice for dads is a very simple collection of the things Stephen Kluserits has learned so far as a dad. It’s designed as a quick read and reference for busy parents, with each page dedicated to a single idea to help parents parent.

Ever wanted some tips to help you be a better father? Stephen Kluserits, author of ‘Beat your kids (at sports, games, etc.) and other advice for dads’ has built a quick and easy guide to help you get the most out of your parenting journey, and is here today to share his writing and parenting journey. Stephen, let’s get right down to it, how did this book begin?

It was just an idea to share what I’ve learned. My wife encouraged me to start writing ideas down and it grew from there.

Are these ideas mostly drawn from your own parenting experiences?

Yes! My own and others.

What was the one big thing from these experiences that was important for you to share from these experiences?

That I personally believe my job is to ensure my children are happy, capable, and confident. I want to give context to their experience because children attach meaning to everything we need to help them navigate that process.

Are the messages and experiences you’re sharing in this book really relevant to today, or do you think they will become more important in the future?

If I’ve accomplished what I set out to do then the answer is both.

What did you learn from taking up the challenge to write your own experiences down and turn them into a resource for others?

That any idea can grow into something tangible if you dedicate time to it.

Did you take the time to prepare for writing in that dedicated time, or did you spend additional time getting yourself ready to write?

I just dedicated time to writing down my ideas. A few hours a week until I was happy with the result.

And what response have you had from the resulting book so far?

I’ve had incredible reviews so far. It’s been very flattering.

That’s great! Are you working on any projects that will follow up the advice and tips you share in this book?

I’m working on this one…. still.

That must mean that you’re spending time working on your author brand and sharing your book with the world. What can you tell us about this journey?

Building my brand is what I’m trying to do currently. It’s getting my book out there via helpful sites like this one. I believe finding your voice and sticking to it creates a consistent experience for readers.

Finding a voice and building a brand around it is a fantastic way to get readers to recognise your work in the marketplace. And can often prove to be a great deal of fun. Stephen, I hope you continue having fun on the next stage of your author journey, and that you keep having time to bond with and beat your kids.

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Beat your kids (at sports,games, etc.) and other advice for dads. ( ASIN: B07PNFG9N4 )‘.